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Embark on a New Digital Voyage with the Lloyd’s Register of Yachts Online

Illustrated plates of the Flags of Yachts, Register of Yachts, 1924.  

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre (HEC) is pleased to announce the digitisation of the Lloyd’s Register of Yachts 

From June 2024, the historic collection of over 110 volumes will be freely available across Archive.orgGoogle Books and the HEC website for researchers, academics and maritime enthusiasts to explore. 

What are the Register of Yachts? 

The Lloyd’s Register of Yachts was first issued in 1878, and was issued annually until 1980, except during the years 1916-18 and 1940-46. Two supplements containing additions and corrections were also issued annually.  

The Register contains the names, details and characters of Yachts classed by Lloyd’s Register (LR), together with the particulars of other Yachts which are considered to be of interest; illustrated plates of the Flags of Yacht and Sailing Clubs, together with a List of Club Officers, an illustrated List of the Distinguishing Flags of Yachtsmen, a List of the Names and Addresses of Yacht Owners, and much other information.

From 1981 the publication changed to a Register of Classed Yachts (published until 1996, with some special editions in 1999, 2000, 2002). This contains full particulars of yachts that were classed by LR, together with records of periodical surveys carried out. Yachts built in accordance with the Rules and issued with a Lloyd’s Register Building Certificate but not classed will also be eligible to have their particulars entered in the Yacht Register Book for a period of one year from the date of build. 

Lloyd’s Register also published a Register showing details of American yachts. Named Lloyd’s Register of American Yachts from 1903 to 1977 and renamed North American Yacht Register for its last two years of publication in 1978 and 1979. 

The Register of Yachts adds to the increasing collection of digitised resources on the Heritage & Education website:  

Zach Schieferstein, Archivist at the Lloyd’s Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre said, “Opening access and digital preservation of our assets is a key ambition of the Heritage & Education Centre. The digitisation of the Lloyd’s Register of Yachts collection is another significant step forward in safeguarding Lloyd’s Register’s heritage”.  

Explore the entire catalogue and indexehere.    

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