Hanwha Ocean and BV Complete joint project on 3D Model Based Classification Approval

Paris La Défense, France – 28 September 2023 – Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, and Hanwha Ocean, a leader in the shipbuilding and offshore industry, have completed a Joint Development Project (JDP) to enable 3D model based approval for the Classification of ships.  

The JDP tested and validated the workflow of 3D model-based Classification approvals, where classification reviews are directly based on the 3D model provided by the designer instead of using traditional 2D drawings. Potential benefits include improved accuracy, a better visualization of design, reduced cost with increased efficiency, and enhanced collaboration. 

Hanwha Ocean provided the cargo hold region of one LNG carrier using OCX (Open Class eXchange) format. Based on this 3D model, Bureau Veritas automatically generated the calculation models used in BV’s rule-checking software: MARS (prescriptive rule check) and VeriSTAR Hull (finite element analysis). In addition, BV provided Hanwha Ocean with access to its web-based collaborative platform (VeriSTAR Project Management) to share comments and the progress of the design review in real-time.

Digital technology is developing rapidly and is applied to all industries, including shipbuilding and marine, where it plays an important role to improve the development and efficiency of design and production processes. 3D classification is an important component of BV’s digital transformation programme, having received significant investment.

As a leader in digital initiatives, BV has developed a 3D model based approval for Classification of ships. In parallel, Hanwha Ocean has a plan to develop and establish 3D structural design procedures by deploying future digital design paradigm, with the aim to improve processes based on the latest technology.

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