Indian Navy dealt with 13 major incidents in last 100 days in Western Indian Ocean; saved 110 lives

As threats continue to loom in the western Indian Ocean, posing challenges to India’s economic interests, the Indian Navy has undertaken several measures over the past 100 days including actively responding to and assisting in 13 major incidents.

These incidents, ranging from piracy to hijacking and drone and missile attacks, have seen the deployment of 5000 Indian Naval personnel at sea, resulting in the saving of 110 lives, including 45 Indians and 65 foreign nationals. The operation has seen the deployment of 10 naval ships equipped with integral helicopters, Marcos, and air surveillance capabilities.

“We are trying to wear the new identity of Bharat. The 100 days of the operation Sankalp has broken the myth of short and swift operations. Need to realise, we need to carry forward sustained operations, there is safety, security, and stability in the oceans,” remarked Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar, underscoring the importance of sustained efforts in ensuring maritime security.

The Indian Navy’s presence has played a pivotal role in deterring and responding to threats in critical maritime regions, notably in the Gulf of Aden, off the coast of Somalia, and the Arabian Sea.

Safeguarding economic security, the Indian Navy has successfully escorted 15 lakh tonnes of critical cargo bound for India.

“Around 10 ships are present to take part in anti-piracy, anti-hijacking, anti-missile, and anti-drone operations,” affirmed Admiral R Hari Kumar, highlighting the extensive reach and capabilities deployed to tackle diverse challenges.

Addressing the origins of the drones used in attacks, Admiral R Hari Kumar elucidated, “Very basic drones..they are made for different purposes. They could have been made anywhere, engines are commercially available and cannot point to any country.”

The Indian Navy has proactively responded to piracy/hijacking incidents and drone/missile attacks involving vessels – MV Ruen, MV Lila Norfolk, SLFV Lorenzo Putha, SLFV Lorenzo Putha, FV Iman, Al Naeemi, Omari, CMA CGM Symi, MV Chem Pluto, MV Genco Picardy, MV Marlin Luanda, MV Islander, MV MSC Sky II, MV True Confidence.

“Bharat is on the trajectory of becoming a great power. With great power comes great responsibility. Be it in the maritime domain, we will protect, preserve, and promote our maritime interest,” asserted Admiral R Hari Kumar, reaffirming India’s dedication to upholding its maritime interests and global responsibilities.

Since November, there have been 90 maritime incidents reported, including 57 drone/missile attacks and 39 piracy and hijacking incidents. Due to rising threats, merchant traffic has decreased by 50 per cent via the Suez Canal, the Red Sea, and Bab el Mandeb, while there has been a 57 per cent increase via the Cape of Good Hope.

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