ABB introduces Optimal Speed Routing to help vessels enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions

ABB Introduces a new feature to Optimize Fuel Costs and routes for Vessel Owners

ABB has introduced a new feature to its Routing Services portfolio that will allow vessel owners to manage fuel costs on a through-voyage basis by optimizing the optimal route and speed at the same time. As the first solution in the market equipped to optimize track and operating speeds simultaneously against anticipated weather, the feature is included in the ABB Ability Routeguard onshore routing service – in a first upgrade since ABB acquired the shipping business of DTN Europe BV and DTN Philippines Inc. earlier this year.

Optimal Speed Routing offers first-of-its-kind capability to advise operators of any changes they should make to the vessel track or speed to avoid heavy weather as part of overall calculations made within Routeguard covering route optimization. It uses latest available meteorological information and real-time inputs like vessel daily hire costs, fuel costs and user defined vessel performance models to recommend slowing down to let rougher conditions pass or speeding up to stay ahead of them, thereby minimizing fuel consumption on calculated routes to cut costs and reduce emissions as a result.

“Optimal Speed Routing is an exciting addition to our digital offering, and we are grateful to our esteemed new colleagues who joined us recently and brought with them the Routing Services portfolio,” said Osku Kälkäjä, Head of Digital Business, ABB Marine & Ports.

“Adding our Routing Services portfolio to ABB’s existing digital services is a major milestone and we look forward to further opportunities to complement the offering and keep supporting our customers,” said Jarco van den Brink, Product Manager, Routing Services, ABB Marine & Ports.


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