ABS Certifies HD KSOE Operating Training Simulator

(SINGAPORE) ABS has certified advanced new training courses and facilities, including an operating training simulator, for HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE).

ABS Academy assessors found that the state-of-the-art Operating Training Simulator (OTS) facility that simulates modern ship operating systems meets standards established in the ABS Guide for Certification of Maritime Education Facilities and Training Courses (G-CMET).

The OTS facility provides a benefit for shipping companies currently lacking skilled personnel to operate the advanced digital systems used in modern vessels. The facility also offers a three-day training course on cargo handling systems for liquefied gas vessels.

“Digital skills among the current and future workforce will be a key driver of our industry, and this new training facility from HD KSOE provides a great opportunity for owners and operators to offer that training today for the seafarers of the future,” said John McDonald, ABS President and COO. “Seafarers capable of handling the next generation of dynamic fuels and technologies will also be critical to delivering the energy transition, and the center will contribute to making sure we have a pipeline of talent.”

Kwang-Hean An, President and COO of HD KSOE’s SD Business Unit, said: “It is expected to improve the quality of education by developing a ‘simulation curriculum’ based on the actual operating environment and the effect of fostering experts is expected. We will continue to collaborate with ABS to maintain certification.”

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Photo Caption: Kwang-Hean An, President and COO of HD KSOE’s SD Business Unit, joined ABS President and COO John McDonald at Gastech 2023 to receive the ABS certificate.


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