Guidelines for contributing articles

We always look for high-quality articles that can uplift the understanding of the maritime community. Since you are here, we strongly believe that you have something to contribute.  Please submit your write-up to [email protected]

We follow standard practices to ensure quality content, and we encourage you to consider those prior to submitting an article for publication. By default, these are the guidelines for contributing articles to the main English websites of Nautical Voice. Broadly, your contributions should meet the following criteria:

  1. It should be original and should not have been published anywhere else at the time of submission, except on your personal blog. We will credit the original author if we discover that the idea was taken from another source.
  2. Articles should not be too short, for example, less than 300 words, or too long, for example, more than 1500 words (we may relax the upper limit in rare cases).
  3. An article that is a curated news report should cite the original sources. Even if you are curating, do not copy and paste sentences. It is imperative that your curation adds value to the original reports. If possible, it should provide a new insight or analysis by combining information from various sources.
  4. Articles dealing with current events that are making headlines at the time will be preferred.
    Opinion pieces will be entirely your responsibility. Please conduct a thorough search for data and information before making any claims or conclusions.
  5. Opinion pieces may be written about individuals or entities, but they should not contain ad hominem attacks. Your opinion piece may discuss someone’s personal life only if it is related to the topic you are addressing.
  6. Defamatory or abusive content will not be allowed, regardless of how strong or justified your emotions or arguments may be.
  7. If the submitted articles meet the aforementioned criteria, they will be reviewed, moderated, and published by our editorial team.
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