ABS-Classed ECO EDISON Launched – American Bureau of Shipping

ECO's ECO Edison: Advancing Offshore Wind with ABS Certification

The ECO Edison, certified by ABS, stands as a testament to Edison Chouest Offshore’s (ECO) commitment to the burgeoning offshore wind sector in the northeastern United States.

This 80-meter-long vessel, capable of accommodating up to 70 passengers or wind turbine technicians, will be operated by ECO. Powered by diesel electric engines meeting EPA Tier 4 emission standards, it boasts ECO’s proprietary Variable Frequency Drive, significantly curbing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Rob Langford, ABS Vice President of Global Offshore Wind, emphasized ABS’s dedication to supporting the U.S. offshore wind industry, offering comprehensive advisory and technical solutions to minimize risks and bolster safety.

Michael Braid, ECO’s Vice President for Renewable Energy, expressed gratitude for ABS’s unwavering support throughout their extensive partnership, spanning over 190 newbuild vessel projects across four decades. Whether handling straightforward ventures or intricate undertakings like the ECO Edison and forthcoming Maersk ATBs, ABS consistently provides steadfast assistance.

As a frontrunner in classification services for the global offshore realm, ABS stands primed to assist the diverse array of vessels catering to both fixed and floating offshore wind farms, encompassing installation, maintenance, and construction operations.

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