ABS Developed Requirements for Offshore Spaceports

Image Courtesy: ABS

Recognizing the increase in global demand for offshore spacecraft launch and recovery, ABS announced the publication of the first international requirements for the design and construction of offshore spaceports during the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston.

ABS produced a new set of requirements based on service experience with industry-leading aerospace rocket launch and recovery companies to guide the burgeoning maritime aspects of the space flight industry in the safe design and construction of offshore assets. Previously there were no industry requirements to address an offshore spaceport’s unique concept of operation.

Spaceports are marine or offshore assets that conduct spacecraft launch or recovery. The ABS Requirements for Building and Classing Offshore Spaceports addresses several vessel types including barge-type units, column-stabilized, offshore installations, and self-elevating units.

“The offshore space industry is growing rapidly, and ABS is already a pioneer in the field of offshore space support with our industry-leading work on autonomous rocket recovery drone ships. This new publication allows ABS to provide clear support for organizations that are engaging with regulatory agencies to reactivate assets such as offshore support vessels, barges, and lifeboats to support space flight,” said Miguel Hernandez, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Offshore.

ABS is at the forefront of offshore space support. Learn more here about ABS’ joint development project with SpaceX to review the remotely controlled functions of autonomous rocket recovery drone ships used for booster rocket recovery at sea. Download a copy of the ABS Requirements for Building and Classing Offshore Spaceports

Requirements can be found here.


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