ABS Hosts Fourth Annual Offshore Wind Forum: Exploring Synergies and Innovation

Discussions Point to Industry Momentum and Optimism

(NEW ORLEANS) Key stakeholders from across the offshore wind industry and from around the world joined ABS in a standing-room-only event to explore the state of the industry during the ABS fourth annual Offshore Wind Forum.

Attendees represented all segments of the industry including shipyards, offshore service providers, vessel owners, wind developers, marine engineering firms and government regulators.

The afternoon event yielded open conversations, directly addressing challenges in the growing wind market such as financing hurdles, inconsistent regulatory policies and limited pools of skilled labor. Yet, with turbines getting installed, projects being approved and support vessels actively operating, the takeaway message from the forum: there is momentum and optimism in the offshore wind industry.

“It was an honor to host this event and highlight ABS’ unique ability to bring people together from across the industry to find synergies and explore the latest innovations. The recent wins and progress in offshore wind projects are important to recognize and are foundational to help us propel the industry forward,” said Miguel Hernandez, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Offshore.

“ABS is committed to helping the industry move forward, supporting our partners and clients throughout the full life of their projects. As an independent third-party focused on safety and reducing risks, ABS brings a legacy of offshore expertise to the offshore wind market, offering a full array of solutions supporting vessels and wind developments,” said Rob Langford, ABS Vice President, Global Offshore Wind.

The event included a regulatory update and market outlook providing analysis and forecasts for global offshore wind markets. Panels focused on the latest innovations and identified synergies to drive more sustainable operations from ports to projects. Speakers also discussed the evolution of support vessel designs and system approaches and the next generation of offshore wind developments.

ABS has developed global standards for offshore wind foundations, both fixed and floating, substations and the unique vessels that support the industry. With more than 70 years of experience in the offshore sector, ABS understands the needs of owners and operators to enhance operational efficiencies with sustainable energy solutions. ABS certified the first semisubmersible offshore wind turbine WindFloat I, classed the world’s largest floating wind turbine Windfloat Atlantic and classed Kincardine, the world’s largest floating offshore windfarm at its commercial online date (COD).

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Photo Caption: Group photo of the panelists, speakers and moderators from the 2023 ABS Offshore Wind Forum.


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