ABS Launches Pioneering Global Electrification Center to Support Maritime’s Net-Zero Transition

(SINGAPORE) ABS is launching a global ABS Electrification Center to support maritime decarbonization projects.

Comprised of ABS engineers and technical specialists, the center will support a range of cutting-edge electrification projects for shipowners, shipyards and other stakeholders across the Asia Pacific region and around the world.

The center will also provide support for the electrification of harbor and coastal craft aligned to the initiatives from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). Other projects specific to electrification will include research and development, design review, Rule development, and new construction and retrofit projects. The center will use the latest technologies, including ABS’ extensive experience in simulation and modeling.

“While many in the shipping industry will be equipped to use alternative fuels, additional alternative energy options, particularly electrification, are needed to help the industry achieve net zero by 2050. ABS is proud to invest in this new center and use our deep industry knowledge to enable research to improve emerging battery technologies, fuel cells and shore power connection technologies to understand the risks of electrified vessels and to support infrastructure planning as ports become increasingly electrified and connected,” said John McDonald, ABS President and Chief Operating Officer.

“We welcome the set-up of the ABS Electrification Centre in Singapore. This complements our efforts to electrify the domestic craft sector, adding to the local knowledge and expertise on evolving electrification technologies and standards. ABS’ contribution will help to increase the vibrancy of our marine electrification ecosystem and community serving the needs of Singapore and our region,” said Teo Eng Dih, Chief Executive, MPA.

ABS and major industry players are already collaborating on a number of advanced electrification initiatives including Seatrium’s Floating Living Lab project and its proposals for a battery-powered fleet of hybrid tugs. The center is also supporting Wartsila with a JDP to design a hybrid electric LNG carrier; Greenbay Marine and Sea Forrest on a fully electric container vessel and PSA Marine with evaluation of the energy efficiency of a new hybrid design for pilot launch boats.

The ABS office in Singapore is home to one of the five global ABS Sustainability Centers, supporting marine and offshore clients with comprehensive decarbonization and sustainability solutions. It is also the home of the ABS Global Simulation Center that provides clients with a virtual representation of an asset that ABS engineers use to analyze, configure and test in a safe and cost-effective way. Learn more here.

Photo Caption: Teo Eng Dih, Chief Executive, MPA, and John McDonald, ABS President and COO.


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