ABS Presents at Industry Workshop by Hellenic Ships Design and Construction Directorate

ABS Rules and Regulations for Hybrid and Electric Vessels

During a workshop in Athens organized by the Hellenic Ships’ Design and Construction Directorate of the Greece Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy, Dr. Demetres Armanes, ABS Manager, Technology, Engines and Controls Centre, presented the applicable ABS Rules, guides, type approvals, technology qualifications, and updates regarding the classification of hybrid and electric vessels.

Experts from significant classification societies presented and debated the draft of the new national “Regulation for Safe Electrification, Electric Charging, Berthing Surveys, and Certification of Electric and Hybrid Vessels” during the workshop. Topics covered included electrification, electric charging, and certification of electric and hybrid ships.

Throughout the conversation, Demetres pointed out the difficult operational and environmental circumstances faced by Greek coastal shipping and emphasized that these circumstances have to be considered in the design and integration testing procedures for new hybrid and electric ships that operate in national waters.

According to Dr. Chris Leontopoulos, Vice President of Technology at ABS Europe, “the team responsible for electrification and hybridization at ABS will support national developments by offering technical comments on the new regulation, projects, and product support, reaching from the growing experience in these areas gained from various ABS deliverables worldwide.”

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