ABS Wavesight and Procureship to Optimize Marine Procurement Lifecycle

The automation and data analytics tools will drive cost savings, efficiency boosts, and accuracy improvements for maritime operators.

(HOUSTON) — ABS Wavesight™, the ABS-affiliated maritime software as a service (SaaS) company,  and Procureship, an industry-leading e-procurement platform provider, are partnering to streamline maritime procurement and purchasing.  The agreement will provide ship owners and operators with the tools to optimize their fleet operations through digitalization, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

By offering more options for automation, ABS Wavesight boosts the operational and compliance benefits that ABS Nautical Systems® users already enjoy while also reducing costs.

“Effective procurement processes are a strategic imperative for operators, as they can drive operational efficiency and cost savings,” said Paul Sells, Chief Executive Officer at ABS Wavesight. “While environmental protection plays a large role in what we do, it’s not the only benefit of digitalization. Giving users the option to bring Procureship’s world-class capabilities to the ABS Nautical Systems® ecosystem will help maritime businesses realize the comprehensive benefits of their digital tools.”

Accessing Procureship’s platform from ABS Nautical Systems gives operators access to a procurement cycle optimization tool that combines management and procurement in a single pane of glass. Nautical Systems’ Purchasing Manager will provide unified procurement management and inventory control, while Procureship will contribute its advanced Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, real-time market analytics, and reports with tailored recommendations to support more informed purchasing decisions.

“As maritime’s digitalization journey continues, alliances will be the key to progress,” said Grigoris Lamprou, Chief Executive Officer at Procureship. “ABS Wavesight shares in our belief that maritime’s next best tools will come from close collaboration between experts, and this alliance is proof of that. Helping operators use our unique systems in tandem will deliver more impactful results for organizations and the industry.”

To learn more about ABS Wavesight’s vessel and voyage optimization tools portfolio, visit the company’s website.

About ABS Wavesight

ABS Wavesight™, an ABS-affiliated company, is a global maritime industry leader pushing to decarbonize sea operations through digitalization. Built on the successes of the industry-leading ABS My Digital Fleet™ and ABS Nautical Systems® platforms, the company’s flagship program provides maritime clients with innovative fleet management software to improve the reliability and performance of their shipping operations. ABS Wavesight’s portfolio comprises best-in-class proprietary technology and third-party integrations that offer unparalleled insight into every aspect of a fleet’s operations. Since its release in 2020, ABS My Digital Fleet has been delivering real-time, data-driven insights to help clients improve fleet efficiency, reduce costs, and manage risk.

About Procureship

Established in 2016, Procureship is an innovative e-procurement platform that connects marine buyers with suppliers and service providers worldwide. Procureship manages a network of trusted suppliers across all major ports and regions, connecting them to more than 60 buyers representing over 1,700 globally trading merchant vessels. The company makes purchasing critical components, supplies, and services for vessels easier, faster, and more streamlined. It has developed a unique recommendation algorithm that suggests the most suitable vendors for any type of RFQ. The platform offers a wide range of additional features, including IHM maintenance documentation, e-invoicing, and upcoming freight forwarding optimization. Procureship provides unparalleled customer support with its team of dedicated account managers that assist all buyers and suppliers daily. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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