Book “Unmasking Bunker Fuel Adulteration” unveiled

During the DMET-MERI alumni meet in Singapore on 16 March 2024, Dr Ram Vis, a renowned expert in marine bunker and its quality assessment, presented his latest book titled “Unmasking Bunker Fuel Adulteration.”

The Author provides a comprehensive analysis of the maritime industry, shedding light on its intricate and multifaceted nature. One of the most pressing issues he explores is the widespread occurrence of fuel adulteration, which has been found to have significant detrimental effects on engines, machinery, the environment, and the economy. Through meticulous research and expert analysis, the Author offers invaluable insights into this critical issue, revealing the challenges faced by stakeholders across the entire bunker supply chain. This work is an essential resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the bunker industry and the challenges of the maritime industry.

The book presents a wealth of information regarding the issue at hand. It provides a thorough explanation of the perspective of the problem, delving into the chemistry of contaminants and how this dangerous mixture infiltrates the engine fuel stream, leading to many problems. Moreover, the book also highlights multiple fronts of solutions that can be pursued. These solutions include pursuing legal action against the perpetrator, conducting detailed sample testing as per ISO standards, and ensuring that only trusted suppliers are contracted. The book does an excellent job of presenting a comprehensive overview of the problem and various solutions that can be employed to address it.

This seminal work explores the severe implications of bunker fuel tampering and offers practical solutions and guidance for confronting this long-enduring challenge. It encompasses everything from regulatory structures to industry best practices. Dr Vis delineates an all-encompassing strategy for diminishing the hazards linked to fuel tampering and enhancing openness and responsibility within the maritime industry.

About Dr Ram Vis

Dr. Vis was born and brought up in India. He has obtained PhD in Metallurgical Engineering, a Masters in Internal Combustion Engineering and a bachelor’s in marine engineering.

While sailing on ships and during his work at ABS, he got to experience firsthand the problems caused by poor-quality fuels on ships. This led him to pursue his lifelong vision of Viswa Lab, ensuring and enabling the highest quality energy solutions for the Marine Industry.

Dr. Vis is on the Roster of Experts of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). He is a consultant to the Department of Transportation (Maritime Administration-Federal Govt. of USA) and a member of CIMAC heavy fuels and ASTM D2 Committees.

His vision has led to the Viswa Group being what it is now. Viswa Group consists of Viswa Lab, Viswa Scrubbers, VEEMS and VTIC.

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