Bureau Veritas 24th Hellenic & Black Sea Committee

An open dialogue with Greek shipping leaders to address the challenges of sustainability, decarbonization, performance and talent in shipping

La Défense, Paris, France – 26 May, 2022

Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, has hosted its 24th Hellenic and Black Sea Zone Committee. This year’s Committee gathered together leaders of the Greek shipping industry and was hosted by the Vice President of South East Europe, Black Sea and Adriatic Zone, Mrs Paillette Palaiologou under the Chairmanship of Mr George Procopiou and in the presence of the President of BV’s Marine & Offshore Division, Mr Matthieu De Tugny.

The annual Committee meeting is a forum for BV to share and discuss industry challenges as well as the latest technical developments. It plays an important role within the ongoing dialogue with the industry to address technical, operational and regulatory challenges.

Mr George Procopiou Chairman of the Committee, welcomed the participants and introduced a new member, Mrs Ioanna Procopiou, CEO of Sea Traders S.A. and founder of Prominence Maritime S.A.. BV’s activities and latest initiatives were presented by Mr Matthieu de Tugny. He detailed BV Group’s activities and shared the benefits of the breadth of activity across BV’s operations – Building & Infrastructure, Certification, Agrifood & Commodities, Consumer Products and Industry. He also spoke about the ever-changing and demanding shipping industry landscape, focusing on BV’s expertise and technical excellence.

Dr John Kokarakis, Technical Director of SEEBA Zone, gave a thorough presentation on EU and IMO regulatory frameworks, complemented by examples of their effects on vessel running costs. He was followed by Mr Andrew Wilson, Head of Research and Consulting Services at BRS, who focused on a market overview, current geopolitics, the energy transition and the new “carbon market” to which shipping must adapt.

The second part of the Committee commenced with Mr Vassilis Dimoulas, Technology & Innovation Director of SEEBA Zone, presenting two trending decarbonization technologies: methanol as a fuel and carbon capture and storage (CCS). This was complemented by examples of their effect on vessel OPEX.

Mr Benoit Grovel, Gas Expertise Director, BV Marine & Offshore, delivered an appropriately complementary presentation on liquid CO2 carriers, their technology and trade. He was followed by Dr Kokarakis who explored the question of whether electric and/or synthetic fuels are the right solution to decarbonize shipping.

Finally, Mrs Eleni Letoni, Communications Sales & Marketing Coordinator, gave a presentation about the historical development of elections in the birthplace of democracy.

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