Bureau Veritas Awards Aip For Totalenergies’ Skipe V2 Tool

Bureau Veritas (BV) has announced an Approval in Principle (AiP) for TotalEnergies’ Skipe V2 mooring integrity monitoring technology, according to a BV press release.

The improved safety integrity of floating units is the aim of TotalEnergies’ Skipe V2 software. It provides indications of the integrity of the mooring system by utilising the unit’s location and heading in conjunction with a status-based detection strategy for line failures. Along with cost and reliability benefits, this system has the extra benefit of directly monitoring mooring performance in terms of station-keeping and upholding the integrity of the risers.

Far out at sea, floating units need to be constructed to endure harsh environments. For offshore units to operate safely, continuous monitoring of mooring systems is necessary to ensure their integrity. BV performed several tests on randomly chosen mooring scenarios, including varying draft, line status, and environmental circumstances, in advance of the AiP. Test findings showed that the method was 100% accurate and efficient at determining the integrity of mooring systems.

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