Bureau Veritas Awards AiP to Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology

Bureau Veritas (BV) Marine & Offshore has awarded an Approval in Principle (AiP) to Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology, a leading provider of hydrogen fuel cell solutions, for its PemGen®600 containerized fuel cell system.

The maritime industry is seeking and sharing energy transition enablers that can be implemented quickly. It will take a range of new technologies – from alternative propulsion and fuels to fuel cells – to reach net zero and help combat climate change.

Harnessing the hope of hydrogen

Hydrogen fuel cells carry enormous potential for power generation in the maritime sector. Dutch fuel cell specialist Nedstack has leveraged its expertise in polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells to help drive the adoption of hydrogen technology worldwide. Designed for high power output, the PemGen®600 fuel cell system is based on proven technology and Nedstack’s more than two decades of experience in industrial applications of LT-PEM fuel cell technology.

The PemGen®600 hydrogen-powered fuel cell system has been engineered to deliver efficient and reliable power without generating emissions. As a result, it is set to make an important contribution to the decarbonization efforts of the maritime industry. In addition, the Nedstack safety concept has an exceptional track record and is based on a good ventilation, high-dilution philosophy.

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