BV approval for Rotoboost’s Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture Technology

Talking about the process that has received BV’s approval, Kaisa Nikulainen from Rotoboost, said: ‘The process is able to reduce overall carbon emissions by up to 100 % depending on heating method and the system can be scaled up modularly step by step to meet progressing emission regulations while being cost effective for ship owners compared to green fuels or conventional carbon capture systems (CCUS).

Blending the hydrogen into the natural gas during combustion will also reduce methane slip from combustion engines by capturing carbon in solid form before combustion so reducing both main sources of all onboard carbon emissions from propulsion. The Rotoboost business model involves recycling the carbon captured back into industrial processes and relieving the shipowner of the burden of offloading the residue.

Picture caption: Mr. Nicolas Brown, Director Brand & Communications (BV M&O); Mrs. Kaisa Nikulainen, CEO of Rotobooest. 

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