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In a milestone for the maritime industry, 2008-built, 165,500-m3 capacity LNG carrier Seapeak Arwa has been fitted with the EverLoNG carbon capture storage (CCS) system.

Owned and managed by Malt LNG, this LNG carrier is chartered to project partner TotalEnergies and will play a crucial role in the ambitious EverLoNG Onboard Carbon Capture Storage Pilot project.

The carbon capture unit was built by Carbotreat, a Netherlands-based carbon capture service provider, as part of the ongoing EverLoNG project which aims to accelerate ship-based carbon capture.

EverLoLNG will install and demonstrate ship-based carbon capture on two LNG-powered ships owned by project partners TotalEnergies and Heerema Marine Contractors.

By capturing and liquefying CO2 emissions from one of its engines, Seapeak Arwa aims to demonstrate the real-time monitoring of the system’s operation in a marine environment over the next three to six months. The aim is to capture 10 tonnes of CO2 on board TotalEnergies’ vessel over the 3,000-hour test campaign.

Captured CO2 will be stored on board as a liquid in a pressurised vessel and off-loaded and transported to an industrial site or stored permanently in the subsurface.

The second installation of a CCS system will take place on Heerema’s LNG-powered crane vessel Sleipnir, to run 500 hours of CO2-capture operations.

This groundbreaking initiative will contribute to the decarbonisation of the maritime industry, which strives to reduce global CO2 emissions by 50% by 2050.

Seapeak is the rebranded evolution of Teekay LNG Partners, following its acquisition by investment manager Stonepeak in early 2022.

The 18 CCS project companies are TNO, TotalEnergies, Heerema, Carbotreat, Conoship International, VDL Carbon Capture, Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage, The University of Edinburgh, Anthony Veder, SINTEF, Bureau Veritas Group, Lloyd’s Register, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Forschungszentrum Jülich, DNV, Nexant, Bouman Industries and MAN Energy Solutions.

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