Chemical Challenger sets sail as first ship with Green Award’s GHG Label for innovative wind technology use

Green Award Foundation proudly announces that the Chemical Challenger, a chemical tanker operated by Chemship, has become the first vessel to receive the prestigious Green Award GHG Label for CO2 reduction through the use of innovative wind technology.

The 16,000-ton chemical tanker, managed by Fleet Management Limited in Hong Kong, recently underwent a groundbreaking retrofit, becoming the world’s first chemical tanker equipped with Econowind’s innovative VentoFoil wind-assisted propulsion system.

“We are thrilled to see the Chemical Challenger leading the way in the chemical tanker segment by embracing wind-assisted propulsion. This milestone aligns perfectly with our mission to promote sustainable shipping practices and recognise the frontrunners in the industry,” says Executive Director of Green Award Foundation, Jan Fransen.

Green Award’s GHG Label, introduced in 2022, recognises ships that have taken significant steps to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through the use of renewable & advanced energy sources, zero-carbon fuels, or low-carbon fuels.

“As a company committed to sustainable shipping, we are proud to have the Chemical Challenger as the first ship to receive the Green Award GHG Label for innovative wind technology use. This recognition validates our efforts to reduce our environmental impact and sets a new standard for the industry,” says CEO of Chemship, Niels Grotz.

The VentoFoil system, developed by Dutch company Econowind, uses smart vacuum technology to quintuple the force of the wind, creating an impressive wind surface area equivalent to a sail measuring 30 by 30 metres.

“I am proud of the Chemical Challenger’s achievement in receiving the Green Award GHG Label. This recognition affirms our commitment to sustainable shipping and the practical impact of technologies like the VentoFoil system.

Mr Sanjay Chandra, Executive Director, Tanker Division, Fleet Management Limited (FLEET) also states: “The retrofit of Chemical Challenger with the VentoFoil system underscores our commitment to operational excellence at FLEET.

The Chemical Challenger‘s historic voyage marks a significant step forward in the maritime industry’s pursuit of cleaner and more sustainable operations. As the vessel embarks on its journey, it serves as a beacon of inspiration for other shipowners and operators to embrace innovative solutions in the fight against climate change.

Green Award Foundation remains dedicated to supporting the shipping industry’s transition towards a greener future by providing a comprehensive labelling system that encourages and rewards sustainable practices.
Source: Green Award Foundation

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