China Signs Contract for World’s Largest Pure Electric Container Ships, Ushering in a New Era of Zero-Emission Coastal Shipping

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable maritime transportation, the contract for the classification and construction of China’s first and the world’s largest 740TEU pure electric open-top seagoing container ships has been officially signed. Ningbo Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. awarded the contract to Jiangxi Jiangxin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., marking a significant milestone in the advancement of zero-emission coastal shipping.

These innovative vessels, each measuring 127.8 meters in length, 21.6 meters in width, and 10.5 meters in depth, represent the pinnacle of green maritime technology. They are designed to operate in China’s coastal navigation areas and feature dual-engine and dual-propeller propulsion systems. Each ship is powered by two 875 kW permanent magnet synchronous propulsion motors, enabling a maximum speed of 11.5 knots.

Pioneering Green and Intelligent Shipping

The launch of these container ships signifies the beginning of a new era for China’s coastal container ship operations, aligning with the national “dual-carbon” strategy aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting high-quality, green development in the shipping industry. The ships embody the principles of environmental protection, efficiency, and intelligence in both their design and functionality.

Key features of the ships include:

  • Compliance with China Classification Society (CCS) “Rules for Intelligent Ships.”
  • An intelligent integration platform.
  • Intelligent cabin and open water autonomous navigation (i-ship: I, M, No).
  • Classification symbols for intelligent ships.

These vessels are the first domestically-produced high-end seagoing ships with such advanced features, highlighting China’s commitment to leading the way in zero-emission shipping technology.

Collaborative Efforts for Successful Implementation

The CCS Wuhan Branch played a crucial role in the project’s success by moving its service window forward and strengthening communication with Jiangxi Jiangxin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Their timely technical support was instrumental in the contract’s successful signing.

Moving forward, CCS will implement effective measures tailored to customer needs and the service planning scheme for new battery-powered ships from CCS headquarters. They are committed to providing efficient and high-quality survey technology services to ensure the smooth progress of this pioneering project.

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