ClassNK Releases Updated Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels

Tokyo – May 31, 2024 ClassNK, the leading classification society, has announced the release of the latest edition of its “Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels (Edition 3.0)”. These guidelines are designed to provide comprehensive safety requirements for ships utilizing alternative fuels such as methanol, ethanol, LPG, ammonia, and now hydrogen.

The newly introduced edition, 3.0, incorporates a range of safety measures aimed at minimizing risks to ships, crew, and the environment associated with the adoption of alternative fuels. This update particularly focuses on addressing the unique challenges posed by hydrogen-fueled ships.

As part of the new release, ClassNK has added requirements specifically tailored to the design of hydrogen-fueled vessels. These requirements are based on the organization’s extensive experience, including feedback from the IMO Subcommittee on Carriage of Cargoes in 2023 and insights gained from design reviews conducted by ClassNK.

The guidelines outline provisions from Part GF of ClassNK’s “Rules and Guidance for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships”, which incorporate the IGF Code*, serving as the foundational safety standards. Additionally, Part D of the guidelines establishes additional requirements tailored to the physical properties of hydrogen fuel and associated hazards.

These new provisions cover various aspects, including considerations to prevent explosions resulting from the ease of ignition of hydrogen and measures to mitigate the impacts of hydrogen fuel leakage on seafarers and the environment.

In line with its commitment to supporting the transition to zero-emission shipping, ClassNK offers “ClassNK Transition Support Services” to facilitate a smooth shift to alternative fuels. By issuing updated safety requirements and guidance for ship design, ClassNK aims to assist its customers in the seamless adoption of alternative-fueled vessels.

The guidelines, essential for ship designers, builders, and operators, are available for download via the “Guidelines” section of ClassNK’s website. Interested parties can access the guidelines upon registration on ClassNK’s website.

For more information and to access the guidelines, please visit: ClassNK Guidelines Download Page

This release underscores ClassNK’s ongoing commitment to promoting safety and sustainability in the maritime industry through proactive guidance and support for innovative technologies and practices.

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