Closer European Cooperation on Carbon Capture and Storage is Good News for Ambitious Danish Companies

Denmark and four other European countries yesterday signed the Aalborg Declaration, which highlights, among other things, that Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) are essential climate tools. It marks an important step in the right direction towards creating a European market for Carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

The European Commission is currently hosting a major conference in Aalborg, bringing together over 400 key players in the field of CCUS. In addition to the five countries mentioned seizing the opportunity to present the Aalborg Declaration, two significant Danish CCS projects also received good news from the Commission: Project Norne and Project Bifrost have been designated as Projects of Common Interest (PCIs), giving them the status of particularly important infrastructure projects of interest to the entire Europe – and allowing them to seek financial support from the EU.

“Only earlier this year I witnessed the first storage of carbon in the Danish underground – and now two Danish CCS-projects are appointed as important for the entire Europe. We’re moving fast in Denmark. And it’s only possible because we’ve worked tirelessly, technically and with great ambition – and because the Danish business wants to contribute to the development of full-scale carbon capture, utilization and storage,”

These developments support the ambitions of Danish Shipping, aiming to establish Denmark as a key EU hub for both CCS and Power-to-X technologies.

“We are taking important steps towards the dream of a new, major Danish business adventure centered around CCS and Power-to-X in these months. Close cooperation with other European countries is a prerequisite for making the transport of CO2 by ship an attractive business area. If we approach it correctly, Denmark can become a pioneer in both CCS and Power-to-X. It is very positive that the government is focused on this,” says Jacob K. Clasen, Deputy CEO of Danish Shipping.
Source: Danish Shipping

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