COSCO SHIPPING’s shipping service company CHIMBUSCO introduces two new marine methanol fuel bunkering group standards

On the afternoon of September 25, China Marine Bunker (PetroChina) Co., Ltd. (CHIMBUSCO), a prominent shipping service company under COSCO SHIPPING, held the “Green Methanol Refuelling Capacity Building Conference” during the Global Sustainable Transportation Forum and the 15th International Exhibition on Transportation Technology & Equipment.

During the conference, China Petroleum Circulation Association (CPCA) and the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) officially released two group standards: the “Marine Methanol Fuel Waterborne Refuelling Regulations” and “Marine Methanol Fuel”, which were initiated by CHIMBUSCO. Meanwhile, China Classification Society (CCS) and Bureau Veritas (BV) issued the 7,800-ton dual-fuel powered green methanol bunkering vessel AIP certificates to CHIMBUSCO and COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry.

This is the first set of standards in China for methanol refuelling operations and quality control, which fills a gap in the domestic market. Additionally, the vessel is also a new type of green methanol bunkering vessel that has obtained certificates from two classification societies simultaneously, setting a solid technical foundation for massive production in the future.

The release of these standards, along with the approval of the “7,800-ton dual-fuel powered green methanol bunkering vessel” by two classification societies, signifies a major step towards completing the first green methanol refuelling technology chain in China. This achievement is complemented by the establishment of relevant methanol refuelling guidelines and inspection specifications by CCS and BV.

Alex Gregg-Smith, Senior Vice President of BV, emphasized that this vessel is the first of its kind designed in China and represents a significant milestone in the shipping industry’s decarbonization efforts. It demonstrates promising progress in the construction of the methanol supply chain.

According to Zhao Yan, Vice President of China Classification Society, the 7,800-ton dual-fuel powered green methanol bunkering vessel has been designed with the concept of “full life cycle”. It features twin engines and twin oars, a domestically made four-stroke methanol dual-fuel main engine, a liquid cargo pump in the form of a machine belt, a pre-installed berthing perception system, and a remote-control refuelling arm operation system. These advanced technologies showcase the industry’s cutting-edge advancements and highlight the ship’s green, intelligent, and digital characteristics.

Over the years, by upholding the corporate mission of “providing eternal power source for shipping industry”, CHIMBUSCO has emerged as one of the world’s three leading marine fuel suppliers, supplying more than 20 million tons of fuel globally each year. CHIMBUSCO also explores and conducts research on new ship fuels, collaborating with the shipping industry to promote the green transformation of shipping through the following initiatives:

Expanding the coverage of the fuel supply network and the scope of refuelling services;
Upgrading technology research and development capabilities to drive practical innovation in the industry;
Improving existing operational capabilities to broaden the pathways for reducing carbon emissions;
Enhancing leadership in setting industry standards and expanding collaborative research initiatives.
Source: Cosco Shipping

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