Cutting-edge ABS Global LNG Academy inaugurated in Qatar

(DOHA) ABS has inaugurated the ABS Global LNG Academy, a cutting-edge training center dedicated to using the latest techniques to educate mariners in modern LNG vessel operations.

Located in Doha and supported by QatarEnergy, the Academy is a coordinated effort with industry partners, who are working together to make the ABS LNG Academy the global epicenter for LNG-related training and development.  Establishing the training center is also a key part of ABS’ support of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and the Tawteen Program, which focuses on education and quality employment for Qatari nationals.

This cutting-edge academy will not just act as a crucial LNG training center, but will also be part of QatarEnergy’s Localization Program for Services and Industries in the Energy Sector ‘TAWTEEN’ and an LNG Centre of Excellence in Qatar.

“Qatar offers an ideal location for the establishment of ABS’ global LNG Academy, allowing us to combine Qatar’s LNG operational leadership with ABS’ record of safety leadership and technical and regulatory LNG knowledge. This one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art facility offers a unique learning experience both on board and through immersive classroom simulation training,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman and CEO.

The center is designed to offer theoretical and practical training to support safety in the various aspects of LNG carriage and the safe handling of LNG as a marine fuel. The cutting-edge training facility goes beyond the average training experience, offering innovative online, virtual and classroom options for interactive and continuous learning.

In cooperation with Nakilat, ABS is delivering the industry’s first fully operational LNG metaSHIP. Powered by Orka, the MetaSHIP is a highly realistic virtual asset, built to scale from vessel drawings, and they take learners on virtual field trips – providing a powerful, immersive learning experience in a dynamic simulated training environment.

As part of the training, learners interact with the vessel and its crew. They can inspect equipment, take photographs, ask questions, view certificates, write reports and practice many more critical technical skills. Difficult or obscure concepts can be better understood when visualized on board the MetaSHIP, such as recognizing gas hazardous zones and their safety implications. Each action completed on board by the learner is recorded and available for review and assessment, providing follow-up in person coaching experiences.

The ABS LNG Academy’s simulator training room also offers gas handling operations and engine room simulation courses offered by GTT Training and the Theta Training Center.

ABS and Poten & Partners offer a collaborative LNG Commercial Operations course providing a foundational understanding about how commercial operations of LNG carriers are effectively managed throughout their life cycles.

A robust suite of programs is available, including LNG and LNG carrier fundamentals, membrane technologies, LNG marine fuel operations, bunkering, ship-to-ship operations, commercial operations, and more. Visit our website for details about current and planned course offerings.

More information on the ABS Global LNG Academy is available here.


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