Danish Shipping is ready, willing, and able to contribute to the EU’s 2050 climate goals

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen made her final State of the Union address count by trumpeting everything the Commission has done to improve Europeans’ lives over the past four years — from conquering COVID-19 to countering Russia’s war in Ukraine and placing the EU’s Green Deal in the core of European regulation.

Modernisation and dec¬ar¬bo¬ni¬sa¬tion can go hand in hand. Industry has invested vast amounts already in the green transition. “We are now attracting more investment in clean hydrogen than the US and China combined,” von der Leyen said. As an example, the Commission President mentioned that she will be in Copenhagen Thursday this week together with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to act as godmother to the new feeder container ship, which is the first in the world that can sail on green methanol. The ship is the first of a total of 25 methanol ships purchased by Maersk, and it will thus mark the beginning of greener and more climate-friendly shipping in accordance with the political objectives that the European Commission has presented for the green transition in Europe.

“The EU’s Green Deal, with the inclusion of shipping in the EU Emissions Trading System and a framework for securing production an uptake of alternative fuels, has already been a gamechanger for the sector. It is important for the com¬pe¬ti¬ti¬ve¬ness of shipping to ascertain a just transition. Danish Shipping applauds that the Commission will establish clean transition dialogues – expectedly also with the shipping sector – to secure a sustainable business model for the dec¬ar¬bo¬ni¬sa¬tion of shipping in Europe,” says Head of EU Representation of Danish Shipping Bjarne Løf Henriksen.

Availability of sustainable fuels is a growing concern. A growing part of the shipping fuels will need to come from e-fuels derived from renewable electricity. “Our wind industry is a European success story, but it is currently facing a unique mix of challenges,” von der Leyen said. “This is why we will put forward a European Wind Power package — working closely with industry and Member States,” she said, adding that this would include a focus on fast-tracking permitting and improving state-backed auction systems, along with “skills, access to finance and stable supply chains.”

“An expansion of the renewable energy production is crucial to produce green hydrogen and e-fuels through Power-to-X. Hopefully the European Wind Power package will kickstart a renewed optimism in the offshore wind industry as this is a key ingredient in fuelling the green change. Also, expanding offshore wind will have a positive effect on economy and job creation. Shipping plays a key role in the installation, operation, and service of the wind farms,” says Head of EU Representation of Danish Shipping Bjarne Løf Henriksen.
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