DNV awards AiP and AOSS for Hanwha Ocean’s LCO2 carrier and noise measurement

At Gastech 2023, DNV awarded Hanwha Ocean an Approval in Principle (AiP) and an Approval of Service Suppliers (AOSS) for two innovations – a large-scale liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) carrier tank and an underwater radiated noise (URN) measurement.

DNV’s AiP relates to the design of a cargo hold of a 70,000 m2 LCO2 carrier, integrating Hanwha Ocean’s patented Bi-Lobe cargo hold, a vertical asymmetric structure that maximizes cargo capacity. The concept specifically incorporates LNG propulsion engines and allows sufficient space for installing shipboard carbon dioxide capture and storage systems, enabling compliance with various environmental regulations. While setting the carrier apart from conventional designs, Hanwha Ocean’s design adheres to DNV’s rules and the International Maritime Organization’s IGC Code.

Hanwha Ocean also became the first Korean shipyard to receive an AOSS for an underwater radiated noise (URN) measurement, comprising both near- and far-field URN measurements and analyses. The near-field URN measurement system offers the convenience of self-measurement in an attachable form, boasting enhanced usability and cost-efficiency.

JongSeo Kim, COO of Hanwa Ocean said, “We are delighted to achieve these milestones in partnership with DNV. As countries and ports increasingly offer incentives for ships adhering to underwater noise regulations, we are well-positioned to provide ship owners with innovative low-noise ship design technology, contributing to a more sustainable maritime industry.”

“DNV is proud to collaborate with Hanwha Ocean in pushing the boundaries of maritime innovation. These accomplishments signify remarkable leaps in the industry’s pursuit of heightened safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency. DNV continues to play a pivotal role in shaping environmentally responsible vessels that adhere to rigorous industry standards and we celebrate these strides toward a more sustainable maritime future,” said Vidar Dolonen, Regional Manager of DNV Korea and Japan.
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