Eco Marine Power introduces cloud communication IoT device for maritime applications

Eco Marine Power (EMP) announced today it has partnered with Surfwave Inc., of Japan to bring the SurfGate cloud communication & power-saving gateway router to the maritime market. The SurfGate router is an IoT (Internet of Things) gateway that is compatible with all types of IoT needs. In addition to conventional Ethernet, RS485/232 serial ports, and wireless LAN, it can also support EnOcean and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) providing a rich interface for connecting various types of sensors and actuators.

An Internet of Things (IoT) gateway is a key component in an IoT ecosystem that plays a crucial role in connecting IoT devices to the broader network and the cloud. It serves as an intermediary or bridge between IoT devices and the internet, enabling efficient data transfer and communication.

The SurfGate IoT gateway can also be integrated into EMP’s Aquarius Management & Automation System (MAS) architecture for use onboard ships or used for other applications to enable additional sensor & data inputs to be connected plus be used as part of a ship to shore communications link.

SurfGate IoT Gateway

On making this announcement, Greg Atkinson, President & Chief Technology Officer at Eco Marine Power commented: “The introduction of the SurfGate IoT gateway will greatly expand the range of sensors & automation features that we can offer as part of our ship-based data management & automation systems plus paves the way for developing simplified & secure ship to shore data communications.”

The first project to use the SurfGate IoT gateway has just been initiated & it is planned to use it onboard a Panamax bulk cargo ship as part of an ongoing ship performance data management system development project.
Source: Eco Marine Power

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