Borealis Maritime Joins Eyesea to Support Global Marine Pollution Monitoring and Recovery

Borealis Maritime Partners with Eyesea for Marine Pollution Mapping

Borealis Maritime, a leading maritime asset management company, has partnered with Eyesea, a nonprofit focused on mapping and reducing ocean pollution.

This collaboration highlights Borealis Maritime’s commitment to sustainable practices. CEO Christoph E. Toepfer said, “We are excited to join Eyesea. Our German staff have already participated in clean-up initiatives. Protecting marine environments is our responsibility, and we encourage our fleet to actively contribute to Eyesea’s efforts.”

Eyesea’s technology and global network collect crucial data on marine pollution, driving policy changes to protect marine life. Founder Graeme Somerville-Ryan welcomed the partnership: “Borealis Maritime’s fleet enhances our data collection capabilities. Their commitment is a significant example in the maritime industry.”

Borealis Maritime’s vessels will use Eyesea’s app to report pollution sightings, aiding in identifying hotspots and targeting clean-up efforts. Based in London, Borealis Maritime manages over 25 vessels, including tankers, offshore, and container ships, and is dedicated to operational excellence and environmental conservation.


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