Málaga, Madrid and Paris, 16 November 2023

Today, world-leading certification body Bureau Veritas (BV) presented Enerocean S.L. with the definite issue of its Certificate of Basic Design Approval of the W2Power floating wind solution.

Last week, at the 2nd Offshore Wind Congress of the Spanish wind power industry association (AEE) in Las Palmas, a side event was held to pre-announce the Certificate to industry leaders.

This certification represents the completion of a comprehensive assessment of critical elements of the W2Power design, which is currently at the stage of moving to full-size commercial installations. The design assessment that BV has now completed on EnerOcean’s W2Power ensures that best practices have been properly implemented. The review includes documents (drawings, analysis and specifications) demonstrating that the design complies with regulations and design codes – with a view to its later construction. Documentation includes the design methodologies and preliminary analyses, illustrating the analytical method to be used in the detailed design phase.(for detailed technical information about the certification, see below after the entry “About Bureau Veritas”)

Javier GONZALEZ, BV Iberia’s Floating Offshore Renewables Market Leader, and project leader, commented at the pre-award ceremony in Las Palmas on 7th November: “We have found excellent coordination, proactivity and qualified responses from Enerocean’s staff and engineering team in carrying out this process. They are highly dedicated to this goal and show a mature understanding of our needs for precise and timely responses to our demands for input.

Pedro MAYORGA, Enerocean CEO, added: “We are thankful for the demanding and meticulous effort of Bureau Veritas in the certification process. And this is only the start. We are going to get certifications for all our projects, starting with Primavera (Enerocean’s first full-size installation, currently in process for a commercial Port). For the industry, it is key in the next years to secure that both public incentives and commercial investments go to those technologies that have proven their technical performance and that,
simultaneously, possess a real ability to successfully address the cost-reduction challenges.

Luis GUERRERO, Chief Executive for Marine & Offshore in BV Spain & Portugal, said: “The effort and enthusiasm of the Enerocean team has been key to overcome the difficult process a BDA entails. It proves that even a humble, small company, but with the right leadership and skilled engineers, is proud to design an innovative floating wind turbine able to withstand all the demanding conditions set out by the sea, and translated in the form of Rules and Regulations.” 

Marie-Francoise RENARD, Offshore Commercial Director of BV Marine & Offshore, concluded: “Although still in a relatively early commercial stage, floating offshore wind holds a number of opportunities for a wide variety of industry players. Certification and classification societies such as Bureau Veritas can play a significant role in supporting customers with addressing challenges to technological development. BV has for years collaborated with Enerocean both in the context of certification (their Approval in Principle was granted in 2021) and in our collaborative research.

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