Fugro completes primary phase in first vessel conversion to green methanol fuel

The Fugro Pioneer is ready to be equipped with methanol engines after successfully converting the main components on board. Using green methanol as a fuel reduces carbon emissions by more than 90% compared to conventional diesel, allowing clients to run their projects in a more sustainable manner. This vessel conversion is part of Fugro’s journey to reach Net-Zero operations by 2035.

There is an increased focus on sustainability in tenders for the offshore market, and as such for Fugro’s clients. By embracing green methanol as a fuel, our clients are offered the significant opportunity to align their projects with environmental responsibility while maintaining operational efficiency.

Fugro Pioneer in dry-dock during conversion

The geophysical vessel was converted in the Netherlands as part of the Fugro-led consortium MENENS (Methanol as Energy Step Towards Emission-free Dutch Shipping) with a grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Converting the vessel to run on green methanol, further stimulates the green methanol market. The now-completed vessel adjustments to the Fugro Pioneer allow 2 of its 4 original engines to be replaced by methanol engines, ensuring services can still be offered in regions where green methanol is not yet available. The delivery and installation of the methanol capable engines are expected in the second half of 2024.

Barbara Geelen, CFO: “The methanol conversion of the Fugro Pioneer is not only a pivotal move in diminishing our vessel emissions as part of our Net Zero 2035 journey, but it also stimulates the green methanol market. We will continue to invest in innovative solutions that not only help our clients, but also support us in reaching our company objectives.”
Source: Fugro

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