Greek Shipping Leaders Collaborate on Industry Challenges and Ocean Health

Bureau Veritas (BV), a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification, hosted its 25th Hellenic and Black Sea Committee meeting, bringing together prominent figures in the Greek shipping industry. The event was led by Paillette Palaiologou, Vice President of Southeast Europe, Black Sea, and Adriatic Zone at BV Marine & Offshore, under the chairmanship of George Procopiou, with Matthieu de Tugny, President of BV Marine & Offshore, also in attendance.

The annual meeting serves as a crucial platform for BV to discuss industry challenges and share the latest technical advancements. It fosters continuous dialogue with industry stakeholders to address technical, operational, and regulatory issues.

George Procopiou opened the meeting, welcoming attendees. Matthieu de Tugny then highlighted BV’s recent activities and initiatives, emphasizing the organization’s diverse operations, including Building & Infrastructure, Certification, Agrifood & Commodities, Consumer Products, and Industry. He focused on BV’s expertise and technical excellence in navigating the evolving shipping industry landscape.

Dr. John Kokarakis, Technical Director of the SEEBA Zone at BV Marine & Offshore, provided an in-depth analysis of the EU and IMO regulatory frameworks, illustrating their impact on vessel operating costs. Benjamin Lechaptois, Head of the Future Shipping Team at BV Marine & Offshore, discussed the feasibility of meeting IMO GHG targets.

The second session began with Ghigo Ravano, Executive Chairman of Ifchor Galbraiths, presenting an overview of the current market and macroeconomic conditions in an age of uncertainty. George-Paul Perantzakis, Fleet & Technical Director of Naftomar, examined the future of ammonia trade and seaborne movement, highlighting potential opportunities and challenges.

A significant focus on ocean health followed, with Vassilis Dimoulas, Technology & Innovation Director of SEEBA Zone, addressing the dangers of ocean plastic to marine and human life. Suzanna Laskaridis, Director of Laskaridis Group, introduced the Blue Cycle project, which aims to collect and recycle ocean plastic.

The event concluded with a presentation by Eleni Letoni, Communications Sales & Marketing Coordinator at BV Marine & Offshore, on the historical connection between the Olympic Games, Greece, and France.

BV remains dedicated to fostering open industry dialogue through its global committee meetings.

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