ICS Publications releases fifth edition of ‘Shipping and the Environment: A Guide to Environmental Compliance

ICS Publications Launches Fifth Edition: Shipping and the Environment Guide

International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) Publications announces the launch of the fifth edition of ‘Shipping and the Environment: A Guide to Environmental Compliance’. This latest edition offers comprehensive updates and expanded insights into the intricate relationship between shipping operations and environmental protection.

The fifth edition is a definitive guide, providing a holistic introduction to companies and crew members navigating this complex subject matter. Recognizing the need for accessibility, this edition is designed to be a user-friendly resource for individuals with varying levels of familiarity with MARPOL regulations and the environmental impact of day-to-day shipping.

Existing resources on shipping and the environment are often either overly complex, such as regulatory documents, or overly simplistic, such as generalist online sources like Wikipedia. Additionally, pertinent information is scattered across niche publications, making it challenging for stakeholders to access comprehensive guidance in one consolidated source.

“We identified a pressing need for a single, authoritative resource that addresses the key environmental issues facing the shipping industry,” said John Stawpert, Senior Manager (Environment and Trade) at the International Chamber of Shipping. “With this new edition, we aimed to bridge this gap by providing a comprehensive yet accessible guide that addresses the dynamic regulatory environment.”

Emanuele Grimaldi, Chair of International Chamber of Shipping

Emmanuele Grimaldi, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping, commented: “As a shipowner, I have heavily invested in energy efficiency practices, as well as new green technologies, to move forward in reaching the International Maritime Organization’s net zero carbon emissions target by or around 2050. This new overarching guide by the ICS provides the industry with practical guidance and peace of mind in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.”

In response to the dynamic nature of environmental regulations, ICS plans to review and produce updated editions of ‘Shipping and the Environment: A Guide to Environmental Compliance’ every 2-3 years. This commitment reflects the organization’s dedication to ensuring that stakeholders remain informed and empowered to adopt sustainable practices, recognizing the evolving regulatory framework and environmental best-practices.

The fifth edition promises to be an invaluable resource for companies, crew members, training institutions, administrations, and policy-makers alike. By consolidating key environmental requirements and factors into one authoritative publication, ICS aims to foster greater awareness, understanding, and action towards sustainable shipping practices.

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