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Indian Register of Shipping Celebrates Its Magnificent 50th Anniversary with a Festive Journey

The Indian Register of Shipping begins up its 50th anniversary festivities.

Mumbai, India, April 4th The largest ship classification society in India, the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS), is pleased to announce the start of its golden jubilee festivities, which will commemorate fifty years of quality, innovation, and dedication to the maritime industry. Since its founding in 1975, IRS has been essential in forming the maritime environment and guaranteeing sustainability, quality, and safety at sea.

Serving the various demands of the maritime industry with unshakable dedication and outstanding skill, IRS has established itself as a beacon of trust and dependability. IRS is now a globally renowned classification society that has been linked to competence, honesty, and professionalism over the course of the last 50 years.

Indian Register of Shipping celebratory journey

As the IRS sets off on these historical journeys, it considers its extensive history of successes, significant events, and contributions to the marine industry. From leading efforts in ship classification to driving advancements in marine technology, the IRS has continuously worked to elevate the standard and establish emerging standards within the sector.

A number of events, projects, and engagements will be held connected with IRS’s golden jubilee celebrations to reflect on the organization’s remarkable history and its stakeholders’ vital support. The celebrations are expected to be an appropriate ode to the IRS’s 50 years of excellence, featuring everything from digital advertising highlighting the organization’s achievements to conferences and symposiums on maritime safety and sustainability.

“As the Indian Register of Shipping celebrates 50 years of excellence, it looks ahead with enthusiasm and determination, reflecting on its rich heritage.” said Mr. Arun Sharma, Executive Chairman. “We are reiterating our commitment to furthering marine advancement with the launch of our 50th anniversary logo, a new strapline, and other initiatives. We are appreciative of our partners, stakeholders, and staff for their steadfast support over the years.

Indian Register of Shipping maritime industry

The IRS will take advantage of this milestone to restate its dedication to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. IRS goals are to make a beneficial influence outside of the business world by supporting community development initiatives, eco-friendly practices, and marine conservation. 

Looking forward to building on its record of trust, innovation, and dedication to the maritime community, IRS is excited to begin the next chapter of its journey.

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