IRS Certifies Autonomous System with Dual Navigation Capability in Collaboration with MDL

IRS Certifies Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders' Autonomous Navigation System

The Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) is excited to announce its collaboration with Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) on the groundbreaking Autonomous Navigation system for the tug MT Andaman.

Led by Mr. R. Srinivas, VP & HOD Electrical & Control System, the IRS team reviewed the autonomy concept, system documentation, and conducted a detailed risk assessment according to IRS guidelines for Remotely Operated Vessels and Autonomous Surface Vessels.

IRS rigorously tested the Autonomous Navigation System software through simulation at the manufacturer’s center. The system includes a Remote-Control Centre (RCC) for monitoring and controlling the vessel remotely. Following the installation on the tug, IRS verified the system’s functionality through the Harbor Acceptance Test procedure.

IRS observed the autonomous sea trials of the MDL tug on 23rd and 24th May 2024, demonstrating successful collision avoidance and emergency response measures as per the Sea Acceptance Test procedure. The Indian Navy supported these trials with an interceptor boat to ensure safety.

This development aligns with the growing demand for autonomous vessels in critical operations, presenting significant opportunities for the defense sector under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Cdr. K.K. Dhawan, Head of Defense of IRS, stated, “This collaboration highlights IRS’s commitment to advancing the Indian maritime industry with advanced autonomous technology, positioning IRS to help the industry develop advanced systems while ensuring safety and quality.”

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