Kenoil Marine Services Achieves Milestone Ship-to-Ship Bunker Delivery of ISCC Certified Biofuel Blended Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil in Singapore

Kenoil Marine Services (“Kenoil”), an ISCC-certified marine fuel supplier, has successfully carried out the inaugural ship-to-ship bunker delivery of biofuel-blended low sulphur marine gas oil in Singapore.

The sustainable biofuel blend used in this milestone bunkering operation was a B24 composite blend of low sulphur marine gas oil and UCOME (Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester). The 200 mton parcel was seamlessly loaded onto Kosmos Lily, a bunker tanker operated by Kenoil, at Jurong Port via ISO road tankers.

This biofuel blended parcel also marked Kenoil’s first sale as an ISCC-certified marine fuel supplier to a prominent energy trader, which was subsequently delivered to a cruise ship in Singapore.

Desmond Chong, Managing Director, Kenoil Marine Services said, “We are thrilled to play an integral role in the biofuel bunker supply chain alongside forerunners in sustainable fuels. As an established bunker tanker operator and supplier, Kenoil stays abreast of emerging developments in marine fuels by collaborating with like-minded partners to provide tangible solutions to the shipping industry to meet IMO’s carbon emissions targets.”

The growing momentum towards biofuels is attributed to the readily available supply, existing infrastructure and mature technology. Biofuels not only meet sulphur compliance regulations, they also present an opportunity for vessels to reduce their CO2 emissions.

Chong emphasised Kenoil’s steadfast commitment to green shipping through active participation in various ongoing initiatives. “Our objective is to actively contribute to the bunker supply chain, with a dedicated focus on sustainable fuels, and play a part in the advancement of Singapore as a multi-fuel bunkering hub,” he concluded.
Source: Kenoil Marine Services

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