KR Conducts Risk Assessment on Korea’s First Onboard Carbon Capture System

KR has announced the successful installation of an onboard carbon capture system (OCCS) with purely domestic technology, and it will soon undergo internal verification testing.

The project began in April 2023 as a collaborative effort with HMM, Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), and PANASIA. As a result of this collaboration, the system was installed on the 2,200 teu container ship, HMM Mongla. KR conducted the risk assessment and application of relevant regulations in this OCCS project.

The OCCS applies a technology that captures, liquefies, and stores carbon dioxide from the exhaust gases generated during the ship’s operation. This technology has the potential to be recognized by international organizations such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as one of the most promising carbon reduction technologies, making it a proactive solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships in the future.

Amidst the growing global interest in carbon capture technology, this system is expected to demonstrate technological leadership in the international maritime industry. It is hoped that this will assist global maritime leaders when they meet to discuss the possible future adoption of OCCS at the meeting of the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee.

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A KR official stated, “Carbon capture technology is highly regarded as one of the effective measures for reducing greenhouse gases, drawing significant attention from the international community and the shipping industry. Based on the experience and outcomes of this successful project, KR will make every effort to support the shipping industry in timely decarbonization.”

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