ScanOcean Partnership Advancing Sustainable Operations in the Marine Fuel Industry

Lakeway Link AB has announced a strategic partnership with ScanOcean AB, a leader in renewable marine fuel solutions, to advance its sustainable operations. This collaboration introduces B15-DMA, a marine fuel containing 15% renewable content, for Lakeway Link’s new roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) service between Sodertalje, Sweden, and Gdynia, Poland.

Under this agreement, ScanOcean AB will supply B15-DMA fuel, which meets the stringent ISO 8217 compatibility standards and carries ISCC-EU certification. This fuel not only aids in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as required by the EU ETS obligations but also significantly improves the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and Clean Shipping Index (CSI) scores for vessels. Additionally, it aligns with the upcoming FuelEU Maritime regulations.

Deliveries of B15-DMA will commence in Södertälje, Sweden, for the M/S Lakeway Express, marking the start of this innovative fuel’s usage. This partnership highlights both companies’ dedication to environmental sustainability beyond mere compliance.


Fredrik Hermansson, CEO of Lakeway Link AB, remarked, “Partnering with ScanOcean AB and adopting B15-DMA fuel is a crucial step in reducing our environmental footprint. This initiative not only supports our sustainability goals but also sets a new standard for environmental responsibility in the maritime industry.”

Jonatan Karlstrom, Managing Director of ScanOcean AB, added, “We are excited to partner with Lakeway Link AB as they launch their new ro-ro service. This collaboration is a significant milestone in our mission to provide sustainable fuel solutions. With our new product offerings, we are committed to leading the maritime industry towards a greener future.”

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