Leela Games 2023: Uniting for a Thriving Alang!

The leadership at Leela Worldwide proudly announces the successful culmination of Leela Games 2023, held on December 24th. Building on the legacy of the past three years, this annual extravaganza witnessed a remarkable increase in participation, with a total of 250 players and 300 audiences taking part in this family event.

This year’s event showcased strong support from our sponsors, with GMS Leadership leading as the Platinum sponsor, Shoresafe Maritime Consultant Pvt. Ltd. as the Gold sponsor, We Born to Save as the Silver sponsor, and Dynamic Quality Services as the Bronze sponsor. Their invaluable contributions played a pivotal role in the success of Leela Games 2023.

More than 1000 vibrant T-shirts were distributed, symbolizing unity among yard workers, guests, family members, kids, and players from other ship recycling yards in Alang, guests, and yard teams. Notably, guests traveled from Mumbai and Ahmedabad, further expanding the reach of Leela Games.

Purpose and Legacy

Leela Games continues to serve its original purpose of uniting the ship recycling industry on a common platform beyond work. It fosters strong bonds among workers in Alang’s ship recycling yards and various stakeholders connected to the industry, emphasizing the importance of mental health.

The annual event has become a beacon for a “Better Alang,” setting a benchmark for stakeholders’ commitment to collective progress. Originating in 2020 with a small group of enthusiastic players, it has evolved to encompass all four yards of Leela Group of ship recycling yards, contractors, NGO, local schools, labour union, Bhavnagar blood bank, Indian Redcross society, Cash buyers, government organisations, trainers, and local residents.

Highlights of Leela Games 2023

This year, on December 24th, a total of 250 participants engaged in thrilling games: 1.5 km Run (adult), 50 m, 75m, and 100 m Run (small kids, teens, and girls from local girls’ school), Volleyball, and Tug-of-War, forming eight teams named after Indian rivers.

Under the guidance of Leela Worldwide Chairman and Managing Director (Mr. Komalkant F. Sharma), Mr. Vishaal Raj Soni (CEO) himself led the event with the help of Mr. Prabhat Kumar (VP-HSEQ/Naval Arch) and his team to emphasize on the belief that lead by example is the best way to motivate the team to work on the common goal.

Team captains Mr. Vishaal Raj Soni, Mr. Prabhat Kumar, Mr. Shailendra Sinh Gohil, Mr. Amit Sharma, Mr. Jaymin Jayswal, Mr. Brijmohan Singh, Mr. Vikas Kumar played every crucial role in putting all efforts to motivate and encourage their teams.

Team Saraswati emerged victorious, embodying exceptional sportsmanship and teamwork. The success of Leela Games 2023 further solidified its position as a crucial event in promoting unity and collaboration within the ship recycling community.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the triumphs of Leela Games 2023, we eagerly anticipate an even more extraordinary event in 2024. Participants, whether present physically or in spirit, are enthusiastic about contributing to the success of this remarkable tradition.

Leela Worldwide expresses sincere gratitude to all sponsors, participants, and supporters who made Leela Games 2023 a resounding success. Together, we pave the way for a thriving Alang and a brighter future for the ship recycling industry.”

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