LR award AiP to CMB.TECH and Damen for hydrogen tug solution

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has issued CMB.TECH and Damen with approval in principle (AiP) for a hydrogen solution that will be installed on four new Damen ASD tugs.

The dual-fuel hydrogen ASD Tugs 2812 FF-H2, with 80-tonnes bollard pull, meet the most stringent IMO Tier III and EU Stage V standards. The vessels will feature four highspeed dual fuel hydrogen engines, designed to minimise NOx and CO2 emissions. They will also have modular storage systems for compressed hydrogen, ensuring safe storage below deck. Each tug can carry up to 16 hydrogen bottles, storing a total of 736kg of pressurized hydrogen at 350 bar.

While these tugs will primarily run on hydrogen, they’re equipped to switch to traditional fuel if hydrogen isn’t available and can operate on 100% traditional fuel if needed. The tugs feature a total of 160m3 fuel holds.

Damen and CMB.TECH have previously cooperated on the development of a series of Commissioning Service Operations Vessels (CSOV) – which are powered by dual-fuel hydrogen generator sets – the so-called Elevation Series, that Damen is building for CMB.TECH’s subsidiary Windcat.

Vincent Maes – Damen Area Sales Manager Benelux said: “We are delighted once again to be working with CMB.TECH. Our two family-owned companies share the same long-term view and commitment to the maritime energy transition. We’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration and developing the next steps to make our ports – and our world – a greener place.”

Alexander Saverys – CEO of CMB.TECH said: “This contract marks another very important step in the development of our hydrogen-powered vessel portfolio. ASD tugs are ideal assets to start the decarbonisation of port operations. With our hydrogen tugs, every port in the world will now be able to lower its carbon emissions and create demand for green hydrogen production.”

Andy McKeran – Lloyd’s Register Chief Commercial Officer said: “The AiP for CMB.TECH’s dual fuel hydrogen technology represents a cost-effective decarbonisation solution for tugs and will provide Damen’s new ASD tugs with dual fuel hydrogen propulsion to greatly reduce the vessels’ emissions profile. Lloyd’s Register congratulates Damen and CMB.TECH for the successful realisation of this innovative design and will continue to provide classification and advisory services that help to drive forward the maritime energy transition.”

The collaboration and AiP was marked with a ceremony on 23rd May at Albwardy Damen in Sharjah at the 27th International Tug & Salvage (ITS) Convention in Dubai.

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