LR awards AiP to MARIC for 360,000 DWT ammonia-fuelled VLOC

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has granted Approval in Principle (AiP) to the Marine Design & Research Institute of China (MARIC) for a 360,000 DWT ammonia-fuelled very large ore carrier (VLOC) design.

The vessel is designed as an oceangoing single-screw ammonia dual-fuel ore carrier, suitable for worldwide service carrying ore cargo. With larger cargo capacity, besides iron ore, bauxite can also be loaded to full load, making the vessel suitable for Brazil as well as the West Africa route.

Two type C ammonia tanks will be located in the wing tanks of the cargo hold area, with a fuel preparation room on deck in the same area. Bunker stations will be open type, with a top cover providing protection from cargo drop. All are distanced from accommodation areas, offering better segregation from toxic gas.

The vessel will be ammonia dual-fueled, with an open-loop scrubber option to reduce fuel costs. Energy-saving devices will also be installed alongside smart ship technology including weather routing, energy efficiency monitoring and ammonia system operation monitoring.

The AiP was awarded in a ceremony at Posidonia, taking place in Athens, Greece this week following a joint development project (JDP) between the parties.

Ammonia is gaining traction as an alternative fuel to support the maritime energy transition as it emits no CO2 when it is burned; however, its characteristics mean that safety and systems integration are crucial for its safe adoption. LR has worked with MARIC to mitigate the risks involved with this design. The vessel design also includes a cyber security descriptive note in compliance with the cyber security regulations.

Nikos Kakalis, Global Bulk Carrier segment director said: “LR is proud to award Approval in Principle to MARIC for its ammonia-fuelled VLOC design – the first ammonia-fuelled design of this size in China, representing MARIC’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. LR has a wealth of expertise with alternative fuel designs and has worked closely with MARIC as a trusted adviser on this next-generation design.”

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