MARIC’s new VLEC design receives Bureau Veritas Approval in Principle

On the first day of Marintec, BV issued a Type Approval AiP certificate to MARIC for its 102,000m3 VLEC, currently the largest of its kind in the world. 

The vessel features an ME-GIE ethane dual-fuel main engine and a GTT Mark III cargo enclosure system comprising three innovative film-type cargo holds. The design is an upgrade of a 98,000m3 VLEC, and enables an increase in the vessel’s cargo capacity of up to 4,000m3, a significant improvement that will unlock operational gains.

Innovation founded on years of experience

MARIC has extensive knowledge of design for gas-fueled ships. It has previously developed LNG-fueled and methanol dual-fuel ultra-large container ships (ULCs), that are now contracted and are under construction.

Leveraging GTT’s gas containment system expertise, the new design achieves reductions in evaporation rates and unloading residue, and higher space utilization. Furthermore, it is compatible with ethylene, propylene and LPG loading capabilities. 

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