MPA continues to extend its support to the US Coast Guard and local authorities

Support to the US Coast Guard and local authorities

The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore has left the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) extremely grieved. We are sending our condolences to the families affected by this extremely trying time. The Chief Executive of MPA, Mr. Teo Eng. Dih, has pledged the organization’s ongoing support for the US Coast Guard and local authorities to Admiral Linda L. Fagan, Commandant of the US Coast Guard.

In an effort to support the US Coast Guard in its investigation, MPA is collaborating with Synergy Marine Pte Ltd., a ship management business, to promote information exchange. Additionally, MPA has asked Class, the vessel’s classification society, to complete the technical evaluation and stability calculations. These are crucial documents that will aid the US Coast Guard in organizing and carrying out vessel salvage operations in a safe manner.

The Singapore flag administration, MPA, takes seriously its responsibility for the security of ships flying its flag. It collaborates with eight international classification organizations designated as MPA-recognized, organizations to survey, inspect, and verify that vessels flying the Singapore flag meet all relevant legal criteria.

MPA will keep checking the port’s navigational safety and conducting inspections at the Flag State and Port States. This is accomplished by making sure that marine personnel remain proficient and by building channels and waterways in compliance with worldwide PIANC criteria.

MPA will be investigating to see if there have been any violations of pertinent statutory requirements under the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 as part of its flag state obligations.

With the aim of identifying lessons to prevent future marine casualties and incidents, the International Maritime Organization’s Casualty Investigation Code will be the basis for an independent marine safety investigation being carried out by Singapore’s Ministry of Transport’s Transport Safety Investigation Bureau (TSIB). The goal of the TSIB’s marine safety investigation is not to assign blame or establish who is liable for what happened.

In order to guarantee that the crew of Dali is cared for during the incident and that the company fully cooperates with the appropriate local authorities, MPA will continue to work with the ship management company.

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