Navigating Decarbonization CTS and Varuna Marine Services Join Forces

CTS Offshore and Marine (CTS) and Varuna Marine Services B.V. (VMS) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to offer vessel owners and operators an informed pathway for carbon emission management. By combining their respective strengths, the two companies will provide a comprehensive suite of services to help the maritime industry navigate the complexities of decarbonization and comply with evolving regulations such as the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and FuelEU.

CTS brings extensive expertise in fleet decarbonization, offering a wide range of solutions including CII fleet appraisals, 3D retrofitting services, hull cleaning, propeller optimization, LED upgrades, wind sail rotor installations, and more. With a global presence and turnkey engineering and installation capabilities, CTS is well-positioned to support vessel owners in improving their carbon intensity and meeting regulatory requirements.

VMS complements CTS’s offerings with its proficiency in EU ETS management, FuelEU compliance, and seamless data collection, cleaning, and verification through partnerships with IACS members. VMS’s CyberSmart platform, powered by advanced AI and machine learning, streamlines emissions reporting and provides actionable insights for optimizing vessel performance. Additionally, VMS offers voyage optimization services, hull performance monitoring, and deep data-driven analytics to help operators make informed decisions and reduce their environmental impact.

Through this strategic partnership, CTS and VMS will provide a one-stop-shop for decarbonization solutions, enabling vessel owners and operators to:

1. Assess their fleet’s carbon intensity and identify areas for improvement
2. Develop and implement tailored decarbonization strategies
3. Comply with EU ETS, FuelEU, and other upcoming environmental regulations
4. Optimize vessel performance through voyage planning, hull monitoring, and data analytics
5. Access seamless data collection, cleaning, and verification services
6. Benefit from the global reach and technical expertise of both companies

“We are excited to partner with Varuna Marine Services to offer a comprehensive decarbonization solution for the maritime industry,” said Rahul Ved, Technical Director of CTS Offshore and Marine.

“By combining our expertise in fleet decarbonization with VMS’s strengths in regulatory compliance and data-driven insights, we can provide our clients with a clear path to reducing their environmental impact and staying ahead of the curve in an evolving landscape.”

“This strategic partnership with CTS Offshore and Marine represents a significant step forward in our mission to support the maritime industry’s transition to a sustainable future,” said Sanjeev Wewerinke Singh, Managing Director of Varuna Marine Services B.V. “Together, we will empower vessel owners and operators with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to effectively manage their carbon emissions and thrive in a decarbonizing world.”

The CTS-VMS partnership is poised to play a key role in accelerating the maritime industry’s decarbonization efforts, offering a comprehensive and integrated approach to carbon emission management.

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