Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology receives an Approval in Principle from Bureau Veritas for the PemGen® 600 Maritime Fuel Cell System

Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology, a leading provider of hydrogen fuel cell solutions, is delighted to announce that its revolutionary PemGen® 600 containerized fuel cell system has received an Approval in Principle from Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification. This approval represents a major milestone in advancing clean and sustainable power generation in the maritime industry.

The PemGen® 600 fuel cell system, powered by hydrogen, is specifically engineered to deliver efficient and reliable power generation while operating without emissions.

The PemGen® 600 fuel cell system is characterized by the following key elements:

  1. Power Generation: Engineered to generate a high power output, the PemGen® 600 fuel cell system provides a robust and sustainable energy solution for marine vessels, ensuring a reliable power supply. The system has been based on proven technology and over 2 decades of experience in the industrial application of LT-PEM fuel cell technology.
  2. Zero emission: The PemGen® 600 fuel cell system utilizes hydrogen as fuel and has no harmful emissions, contributing to the decarbonization efforts of the maritime industry.
  3. Safe to use: Nedstack safety concept has a proven track record and is based on a good ventilation high dilution philosophy. A range of projects adopting this philosophy have already been delivered in maritime and industry, including the PemGen® 600.

“We are extremely proud to receive Approval in Principle from Bureau Veritas for our PemGen® 600 fuel cell system design,” said Jogchum Bruinsma, Commercial Chief Officer at Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology. “This recognition highlights our commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for the maritime sector. We believe that hydrogen fuel cell technology has tremendous potential to revolutionize power generation in the industry, and this approval marks a significant step towards realizing that vision.”

PemGen® 600 Maritime Fuel Cell System Photo credit: Nedstack

The Approval in Principle from Bureau Veritas validates the compliance of the PemGen® fuel cell system design with BV’s NR467 – Classification Rules for fuel cell power systems on board ships. Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology will continue to collaborate closely with Bureau Veritas throughout the classification and certification process to ensure the highest standards of safety and performance.

As a leader in fuel cell technology, Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology remains dedicated to driving the adoption of hydrogen-based power solutions for a sustainable future. The Approval In Principle of the PemGen® 600 fuel cell system represents a key milestone in their mission to provide clean and efficient energy solutions for the maritime industry.
Source: Bureau Veritas

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