Oceanly Performance ensures EU-ETS compliance for the shipping industry

As the world races towards carbon neutrality, Oceanly, a leading provider of fleet performance solutions, has produced an innovative approach to EU Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) compliance for the shipping industry.

Oceanly Performance offers shipping companies a seamless pathway to monitor, report, and verify their carbon emissions under the EU-ETS, which came into force on 1st January. Essentially putting a price on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships, the EU-ETS sets an annual absolute limit and requires the purchase of allowances for emissions.

The EU-ETS for shipping stands as a landmark initiative in the maritime sector’s journey towards sustainability and by mandating the monitoring, reporting, and verification of carbon emissions, it plays a pivotal role in global efforts to combat climate change. Oceanly Performance empowers shipping companies to navigate the complexities of emission management with ease.

Frederik Lerche-Tornoe, VP, General Manager, Oceanly

Key features of Oceanly Performance include:
Automated or Manual Data Collection: Oceanly Performance streamlines the reporting process by automating the collection of pertinent data, such as fuel consumption and voyage information. This automation reduces administrative burdens, allowing shipping companies to focus on their core operations.
Real-time Monitoring: With advanced monitoring capabilities, Oceanly Performance enables shipping companies to track their carbon emissions in real-time. This real-time insight empowers timely adjustments to operations, driving fuel efficiency and emissions reduction.

Comprehensive Reporting: Oceanly Performance generates comprehensive reports that adhere to EU-ETS requirements, ensuring accuracy and transparency in emission reporting. These reports facilitate seamless submission to regulatory authorities for verification and compliance purposes.

Regulatory Updates: Oceanly Performance remains at the forefront of EU-ETS regulations, continuously updating its platform to align with evolving requirements and guidelines. Shipping companies can trust Oceanly Performance to keep them compliant in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

Expert Support: The Oceanly Performance team comprises industry experts dedicated to supporting shipping companies throughout the EU-ETS compliance journey. From technical assistance to training and consulting services, our experts are committed to guiding companies towards sustainable practices.

Oceanly is proud to count renowned maritime and logistics services provider Columbia Group among its esteemed clients, who are already reaping the benefits of its Oceanly Performance solution.

Capt. Pankaj Sharma, Columbia Group Director of Digital Performance Optimisation, commented: “Oceanly Performance has been instrumental in advancing our approach to EU-ETS compliance. Their innovative solutions streamline our emissions monitoring and reporting processes, allowing us to uphold our commitment to environmental stewardship seamlessly.”

Frederik Lerche-Tornoe, VP, General Manager, Oceanly said: “With our cutting-edge technology and expert support, we aim to empower shipping companies to embrace sustainability and contribute to a greener future. Together, with partners such as Columbia Group, we’re shaping a future where environmental responsibility and operational excellence go hand in hand, driving positive change across the maritime industry.”

Source: Oceanly

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