Schulte Group expands emissions management offering

Ocean Opt: Schulte Group’s New Emissions Management Solution for Maritime Industry

The Schulte Group has launched Ocean Opt, a new company dedicated to providing comprehensive emissions management solutions for ship managers, owners, and charterers. Ocean Opt offers independent consultancy, data management, and platform-based services tailored to optimize fleet performance, manage emission trading systems, and ensure regulatory compliance, including adherence to the upcoming FuelEU Maritime regulation.

This new venture highlights the Schulte Group’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Ocean Opt emerges at a time when the maritime industry faces increasing pressure to make measurable progress toward climate neutrality. With the introduction of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating scheme and Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) in 2023, and the inclusion of shipping in the European Union’s emissions trading system (EU ETS) starting this year, the industry is undergoing significant changes. The EU ETS will have a substantial financial impact on shipping from 2025, and as the industry adapts to this, it must also prepare for the upcoming FuelEU Maritime regulation. Ships calling at EU ports must submit monitoring plans to authorized verifiers by the end of August.

Ocean Opt

“Efforts to decarbonize the shipping industry are intensifying. Within the Schulte Group, we have over 300 vessels under contract for performance optimization. We had 200 vessels under EU ETS subscription before the 2024 implementation of the EU ETS directive, and we see increasing demand from the market. This is why Ocean Opt has been established. Our aim is to offer our services to a broader client base, including ship owners who manage their ships in-house,” says Ian Beveridge, CEO of the Schulte Group.

“Decarbonizing the shipping industry is here to stay, and rightly so. Ocean Opt focuses on empowering our clients to navigate the complexities of emissions tracking, reduction, and compliance with ease,” says Anil Jacob, Managing Director of Ocean Opt.

“All our services are supported by our bespoke performance analysis and emissions management platform, developed in collaboration with MariApps Marine Solutions. Accurate data leads to realistic and cost-efficient recommendations for optimizing performance, reducing emissions, achieving compliance, and staying competitive,” he concludes.

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