SeaWide Distribution launches new antifouling coating in North America with industry-first Hydrogel Layer – Hempel’s Silic One

Hempel, world-renowned leader in antifouling technology, announced today its innovative, high-performance, copper-free, and biocide-free antifouling coating – Silic One will be available in the United States and Canada. Sold exclusively in North America by SeaWide Distribution, Hempel’s Silic One is a revolutionary bottom coating that is environmentally friendly while reducing time spent cleaning a vessel’s bottom and improves efficiency by delivering higher boat speed and lower fuel costs.

Hempel’s Hydrogel technology is unique to Silic One and elevates it high above other antifouling products. These unique and non-reactive polymers create an invisible barrier between the hull’s surface and the water, fooling marine life into believing that the hull is liquid and significantly reducing their attachment. Silic One creates a smooth, low-friction surface across a boat’s entire hull, making it difficult for organisms to attach and easy for them to be removed by the boat’s motion.

“Hempel’s Silic One is designed to protect a vessel from the harmful effects of marine growth while minimizing the environmental impact of the products used,” said Lacey Neahr, Category Director, SeaWide Marine. “We chose to partner with Hempel because the product does not include copper or other biocides that kill marine life. Silic One’s unique formula creates a super-slippery surface that prohibits organisms like barnacles and algae from sticking to the hull of a vessel. It is the perfect antifouling for almost any conditions. In addition, Hempel’s proven technology reduces maintenance time and costs and makes any vessel more efficient for better performance and lower fuel costs.”

As a biocide-free product, Silic One far exceeds even the most stringent marina, state or federal regulations and produces zero run-off contamination or harmful build-up, while delivering outstanding performance. It also reduces drag and fuel consumption, on average making each vessel 5% more efficient, thus eliminating harmful emissions. It is even safer for applicators and emits less harmful VOCs on application from its high solids formulation. Silic One can be used on nearly all materials and boat types, regardless of water type, ambient temperatures, or even geographical location. It can also be used on both brand-new boats and the ones already coated with antifouling. Unlike most bottom coatings, Silic One only needs to have the topcoat reapplied every other year, saving significant time and money for the boat owners.
Source: SeaWide Distribution

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