StormGeo Launches EU ETS Solution, Enabling Shipping Companies To Manage Their EU ETS Exposure Efficiently

StormGeo, a global leader in weather intelligence and vessel optimization and part of Alfa Laval, announced today the launch of their EU ETS solution, a new tool designed to address the demands of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) for the shipping industry.

The solution enables shipping companies to build a validated data stream that helps stakeholders better understand their EU ETS exposure when developing EUA strategies.

“All data collected onboard through StormGeo’s s-Insight platform are thoroughly checked by StormGeo’s digital validation rules,” says Petter Andersen, Senior Vice President Shipping Digital at StormGeo. “This data stream ensures maximum reporting accuracy, supporting collaboration between owners and charterers in line with commercial requirements.”

By adding EU ETS to its Environmental Solutions portfolio, StormGeo continues to deliver innovative solutions that enable shipping companies to increase their efficiency in decision-making. Features and benefits of the EU ETS solution include:

Generating, monitoring, and managing carbon emissions subject to EU ETS.
All-in-one flexible EU ETS solution with emissions data on both vessel and fleet levels available in dashboards and EU ETS voyage reports.
EU ETS data validation support for maximum reporting accuracy.
Constant data quality checks through digital validation rules assisted by a dedicated support team.
Flexibility in managing commercial aspects.
Ability to customize the length of EU ETS voyage reports.
Streamlined data sharing and stakeholder collaboration.
Simple and transparent data export and sharing of validated emissions data.
The EU ETS is another building block to StormGeo’s vision to support the shipping industry in achieving its decarbonization goals while increasing profitability and growth. The EU ETS solution will be available to the market through the s-Insight platform.
Source: StormGeo

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