SulNOX scores in Indonesia with major patent

SulNOx Secures Indonesian Patent, Expanding Global Reach in Emission Reduction Technology

SulNOx, a green fueltech company active in shipping, mining, and road transport, has been awarded a valuable patent in Indonesia. The UK-listed company, which aids industries in reducing emissions, lowering fuel costs, and meeting sustainability targets, now adds Indonesia to its list of patented regions, which includes the US, Europe, Eurasia, Georgia, South Africa, Hong Kong, and China.

These patents cover various versions of SulNOx conditioners, which emulsify water, increase lubricity, and enhance oxygen availability to fuel, resulting in cleaner and more efficient combustion.

Indonesia, with a population exceeding 275 million and significant sectors in marine, mining, oil & gas, transportation, and offshore companies, represents a crucial market for SulNOx. The growing car ownership and a robust retail market, already served by SulNOx master distributor A&S International, further underscore Indonesia’s importance.

As a global leader in mining, supplying over a quarter of the world’s mineral supply according to the US government, and one of the largest maritime nations with more than 2,000 ports across its 17,000 islands, Indonesia offers immense potential for SulNOx’s innovative solutions. Worldoils Pte Ltd, a distributor already collaborating with SulNOx, is generating substantial interest from large Indonesian shipping companies.

Ben Richardson, CEO of SulNOx Ltd., stated:

“Indonesia is a major addition to our growing patent estate, representing a huge potential market for SulNOx across various sectors and use cases. Alongside our strong partnerships for distribution in the region, this exciting new development equips us well to grow our revenue pipeline and address very significant client opportunities with immediate effect.”

SulNOx has shown significant progress in recent shipping trials, demonstrating consumption reductions of around 5% with operators piloting the SulNOxEco conditioner. Marfin Management expanded its trial after initial tests cut bunker consumption by over 6%, and its CEO has since joined the board of SulNOx. Greece’s Seanergy and Spring Marine are also exploring the adoption of SulNOx products to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Currently, SulNOxEco is actively involved in trials or discussions with companies representing nearly 6,000 vessels, highlighting the growing adoption and effectiveness of its innovative fuel conditioning technology.


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