Summary of Methanol Bunkering and Cargo Operations in Singapore

Methanol Bunkering: Singapore's Historic SIMOPS Achievement

  1. Historic SIMOPS Achievement: X-Press Feeders, Global Energy Trading Pte Ltd (GET), and PSA PSA Singapore successfully conducted Singapore’s first simultaneous methanol bunkering and cargo operation (SIMOPS) on May 27, 2024, at Tuas Port, supported by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and other agencies. This included the use of mass flow metering (MFM) and digital bunkering systems.
  2. Bio-Methanol Bunkering: An X-Press Feeder vessel was refueled with 300 metric tonnes of bio-methanol by GET using MT KARA, while conducting cargo operations at Tuas Port. This SIMOPS was completed in four hours, showcasing enhanced efficiency and readiness for large-scale operations with methanol and other new fuels.
  3. Sustainable Fuel Supply: The bio-methanol was supplied by OCI Global and lifted at the ISCC-certified Vopak Penjuru Terminal.
  4. Safety Measures: MPA conducted HAZID and HAZOP workshops to address potential risks and ensure safe operations. Crew members underwent specialized training at the Singapore Maritime Academy.
  5. Monitoring and Response: The Emergency Operations Center at MPA’s Port Operations Control Center monitored operations using drones and provided advance warning of weather risks. Enhanced methanol plume models were used for planning and incident response.
  6. Future Methanol Supply: Following a successful ship-to-containership methanol bunkering last year, MPA received 50 submissions for methanol supply and plans to call for license applications by year-end. A technical reference for methanol bunkering is being developed.
  7. Digital Bunkering: Since November 2023, Singapore has implemented digital bunkering. The recent trial during SIMOPS demonstrated the effectiveness of digital solutions in improving visibility and efficiency in methanol bunkering.
  8. Training and Workforce Development: MPA and partners are establishing the Marine Energy Training Facility to train over 10,000 seafarers and shore-based staff by the 2030s on handling future marine fuels like methanol.
  9. Leadership Statements: Leaders from MPA, X-Press Feeders, Global Energy Group, PSA International, Stellar Shipmanagement, OCI Methanol & HyFuels, and Vopak Singapore expressed their commitment to sustainable maritime practices and praised the collaborative efforts leading to the successful SIMOPS.

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